MyMoon Badges Explained

The Girls Scouts bit our merit badge style. True story.

The Girl Scouts may have stolen our badges idea, but ours are easier to get and you don't have to help anybody to get one! Simply do stuff on MyMoon, earn a badge. How? Use your ocular receptors on the words below to find out.

The original badge in all its glory. Take a spin on the MyMoon Apollo Madlibs page and receive this beauty. These are the new iced-out rapper-chains. Word.
Chatty Cathy, don't cut your cord. Reach ten or more replies in the MyMoon Blog and score this nugget of awesome.
Not quite ready for the Bigs of the Chatty Cathy badge? Maybe your'e just shy? Well, open your mouth once on the Blog, even just to holla at us and say hi.
Stay frosty, Ice Man. Take the MyMoon Challenge and score big to receive this trophy for your mantle. Are you are stoked as we are for you? You should be!
Second place is in the Challenge garners you some props. They aren't mad, but good job! It's like Honor Roll, or Dean's List, so +1 on impressing us here in MyMoon Towers!
So apparently you took the Challenge and thought this was a joke. What're we here to amuse you, slacker? Lives hang in the balance! Ok the last part was a lie...
We aren't into public shame, but you gotta be kidding us right? Go to your room. And no Facebook or we'll take that notebook out back, film a YouTube video, and fill it full of lead!