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So you want to know me...Here you go: What I want to do: Space Robotics Where do I want to end up: Moon for Now, Mars later and beyond! What else I do: No, I am not that selfish...I cannot do it alone, I want my nation to support me...but my nation's current socio-economic status dont see my aim as a requirement, I need to develop my nation first- so, I do my bit of social work- main area of concern is literacy...educating everyone.For this, I chose various NGOs like GYWS, CRY, SPIRIT to work with in my spare time. I write blogs as mentioned below in my spare time of the left out time from social work. You want to know more? why, you are not going to marry me or something, do you? Just kidding, go ahead, send me a message and let's chat to let YOU know more about me...:)



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