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The Islamic holy month of Ramadan officially began yesterday, August 11. The only thing I know about Ramadan is that it is a time for fasting for Muslims. Now I know a little more. Yesterday I read a fascinating news article out of the United Arab Emirates about Ramadan and the Moon. Ramadan officially begins when the earliest crescent Moon is spotted following the new Moon. I highly recommend you read the article. You can start reading it below!

From the UAE Newspaper, "The National"

From hilltops and desert sands, members of the Moon Sighting Committee scoured the skies for the first glimpse of the Ramadan moon. Today will be the first day of Ramadan, the committee announced last night. Continue reading


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Chri H.

Thursday Nov-18-2010

I've had the honour to meet Mr Shaner in person. A very professional personal indeed!

Kierra P.

Sunday Aug-14-2011

Blogs have become like short fictions and you are one of those blessed people who have the art of storytelling in a picture perfect manner. I appreciate the gift that you have and this is the reason, why I always make it a point to put up my comments as a token of appreciation for your great blogs.

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