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There is no doubt that Buzz Aldrin is the most outspoken of the Apollo astronauts. While most of the Moon walkers from NASA's glory days tend stay out of the spotlight, Buzz seems to do all that he can to stay in it. Let me be clear on one point before I proceed. I completely respect Buzz for having walked on the Moon.

I mean, come on, he WALKED ON THE MOON! Only 12 people can say they have done that. I also have to give him props for taking a swing at Bart Sibrel. But that's where it ends. Buzz's attempts to remain in the nation's subconscience over the years have been, at the very least, humorous.

For example, check out his interview with Ali G. (It's funny because of Ali G, not Buzz.)

In 1972, Buzz was featured in a commercial for Volkswagen. It's actually not a bad commercial.

Buzz later appeared on Sesame Street. Remember, it's all for the children. Of course, Buzz makes sure the young audience understood that he went to the Moon.

In 2009, Buzz recorded a rap with Snoop Dogg to commemerate the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.


More recently, Buzz appeared on the ABC network's "Dancing with the Stars."

On May 17 of this year, Buzz hosted WWE's RAW. I don't watch RAW, but I love this promo for Buzz's appearance.

Yes, I'm sure that all of this is in good fun. I will admit that I believe Buzz is honestly trying to promote space exploration. If his antics payoff and get at least some of the American people interested, great. However, there are two particular instances of Buzz's love affair with the camera that are a tad creepy.

Exhibit A: Buzz is interviewed, with his wife by his side, on the Red Carpet at the 2009 VMAs. Buzz appears awfully relaxed for someone on the Red Carpet, don't you think?

Exhibit B: Tara Reid laying one on Buzz in St. Tropez. Note the borderline creepy stare from Buzz.

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Mike M.

Tuesday Sep-13-2011

Hey, that was an awesome lineup of Buzz material! I didn't find anything corny or wierd at all there. But then again, maybe I'm just a bit too old to interpret it as that? Don't care...Go Buzz Go! Keep the passion flowing!

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