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No more hanging chads! Oh, wrong kind of poll. OK. So we finally figured it out. All of our previous polls on MyMoon have forced you to vote on what we thought were your ideas. Problem is, that's not YOUR voice. Well, can now add your voice to the Polls!

When you enter the Polls page, you will see a question like you always have. We have even thrown in a few ringer responses. If you like what's already there, vote for one. If you have a different thought, add it in the text box provided. (You are limited to 140 characters, but that shouldn't be a big deal. If you are a tremendous windbag, learn to cut back.) Your new entry will count as one vote. However, your entry will not show up automatically. It will be sent to a database to be approved. I will get an email update every afternoon if there are entries to approve and I will approve such entries if they are approvable. Does everyone approve?

Which company will be the first to have their logo on the Moon?

  1. Starbucks 2 (14.29 %)
  2. Nike 4 (28.57 %)
  3. Gatorade 0 (0%)
  4. Coca-Cola 1 (7.14 %)
  5. Google 4 (28.57 %)
  6. Virgin 1 (7.14 %)
  7. Apple 1 (7.14 %)
  8. BP 1 (7.14 %)


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