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All quiet on the twitter front.


The Moon, who goes by the name of Todd, has sent us at MyMoon another blog. He is concerned with the growing number of activities promoting the examination of his surface.

While one never truly gets used to being looked upon constantly, I have reveled in your race's fascination with me, and have put forth considerable effort to show you my best face at all times. Even before you began recording your own history, you have looked upon my surface. First, you gazed at me with the naked eye, then eventually through telescopes and binoculars to get a closer look. I have abided these inspections. You have sent artificial satellites to orbit me so that some of you could view my surface even closer. A few of you have even touched down upon my surface for an extremely close-up look (littering while they where here, I might add). I have taken all of this in stride, calmly dealing with the pressures of always being investigated. Recently however, I have become aware of two alarming new websites that need to be addressed.

First, the International Observe the Moon Night website is attempting to gather as many people as possible to look at me at the same time. I am sure they will claim that their only purpose is to educate and celebrate me, but I see no reason as to why anyone would put me under more tension that normal. Why, I may become distracted from controlling your planet's tides from the embarrasment alone! On the second site, MoonZoo, the proprieters are asking everyone to scrutinize pictures taken of my surface in order to spot as many imperfections as possible. At this website you are encouraged to mark craters, pits, and channels on my surface. I am speechless! Do I go around counting the imperfections on your face? No. No, I do not. I remain a completely kind, loving celestial body who has no need to remind you of your flawed epidermis. I would expect you to allow me the same courtesy. If you are considering joining this examination, you may wish to keep in mind that I can see where you are viewing me from...and I control your planet's tides.

Your loving, peacful celestial neighbor,


Sounds like someone woke up on the wrong side of the orbit. Anyone care to respond?


Steve O.

Thursday Aug-09-2012

It must be like entering a small swarm of mosquitoes. However, since our feeble inspections (by comparison to the "mosquitoes" infesting Mars) pay my salary, I'm not too compassionate.

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