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Well it appears to be official. With one swift statement, President Obama made it clear he has no interest in returning astronauts to the Moon. Under his new vision for NASA, astronauts will land on an asteroid in the 2020s, followed by astronauts orbiting Mars, that followed by a Mars landing in 2035, developing new technologies along the way.

I agree with the President's point on developing new technologies. In principle, I have no problem with sending astronauts to asteroids or Mars. What bothers me is the complete disregard for the Moon. "We've already been there." I can't believe Obama said that! The Moon is important for many reasons but I will point out two.

First, yes we've been there, but so many new, interesting questions arose from the analysis of lunar rock samples. Returning to the Moon will allow us to answer those questions. Besides, the Apollo missions visited a tiny fraction of the Moon's surface. There is still so much more to explore!

Second, the President said in today's speech that we will learn how to live away from the Earth for long periods of time. During Apollo, astronauts lived away from the Earth for 12 days, max. Only three of those days were on the Moon. The first time around, humans did not learn how to live away from the Earth for an extended period of time by going to the Moon. If humans are going to learn to live away from the Earth for an extended period of time, does it not make sense to learn how on the Moon? It's closer, it has the necessary resources, and yes, we have been there before.

Of course, Congress still has to approve the budget before any of this can happen. But if it does, perhaps MyMoon will get a new name. Perhaps My 'Roid.


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