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I saw "The Wolfman" shortly after it came out in theaters last month. Ironically, I saw it on the afternoon of Valentine's Day, alone. But riddle me this, who is the bigger loser?

Me, for going alone on Valentine's Day, or the guy who went to the movie with his friend and his friend's girlfriend?

I really liked this movie. I was especially impressed with the attention that was given to the Moon. Of course, the Moon should get a lot of attention - it's a werewolf

movie. I guess what impressed me the most was the attention to detail. Specifically, to mark the passage of time between full moons, the Moon was shown changing phases in a time-lapse. What was so great (and I am totally geeking out here) was that the shadow correctly crossed from right to left across the face of the Moon. Not only that, the Moon was always shown in its proper orientation.

By that I mean it was never upside down, which can sometimes happen in movies. There is also a fabulous shot in once scene where Sir Anthony Hopkins'

character is looking at the Moon through a telescope. Little things I know, but they made the movie that much better. For me, anyway.

At one point I wondered if there was a science advisor for the film. Of course, I didn't think to stick around and watch the credits to see if their was a science advisor because, well, I forgot to. The other day I started looking around online to find an answer to my query and I came across the website for the movie. After you enter the site and watch the short preview, a page comes up that displays the current lunar phase and how many days until the next full moon. It's nice. However, if you're worried about werewolves coming out during the next full moon, I wouldn't rely on this lunar "calendar"; it's off by a few days. Oh, and I still don't know if there was a science advisor for "The Wolfman." Anyone out there know if there was?


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