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A new poll went up on the MyMoon site today and asks: Would space exploration exist if the Earth had no Moon? This question came up in a casual conversation last summer and is a very interesting one.

For now let's ignore the fact that life as we know it would probably not exist, if life existed at all, without the Moon. The question behind the question is this: If the Moon did not exist, would humans have felt the urge to leave the Earth and explore space? We have all heard the cliches about why humans explore - humans have always looked at the stars in wonder, humans have always wondered what our place in the Universe is, what is the answer to the eternal question, why are we here? is Pat a male or female? These questions will remain unanswered for generations to come. But seriously, with even the closest planet being much farther away than the Moon, would we have thought that the planets would be as accessible as the Moon to explore in person? Or would humanity still just be looking up and wondering?

Would space exploration exist if the Earth had no Moon?

  1. Yes 4 (22.22 %)
  2. No 7 (38.89 %)
  3. Maybe 6 (33.33 %)
  4. I don't care. 1 (5.56 %)


Jeri H.

Sunday Jun-12-2011

If Earth had no moon we would not be here, so nyet.

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