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Here is a link to a video I made using data I've gathered about the aurora and also city lights at night. I have searched very hard but I am unable to find any real footage like this... strange, but true.

So like I said, I modelled this on data and extant footage that is relevant and I think it shows that the moon can also be used to make keen observations about our own planet.

Moreover, how will looking at our own world - as an exoplanet may appear to the James Webb - help us to find other planets with life out there ?

I hope you enjoy and I welcome all questions and/or comments as always.

p.s. congrats to NASA on everyone getting back to work, hopefully the damages aren't too severe !



Abhimat G.

Thursday Oct-24-2013

Very cool!

Abhimat G.

Thursday Oct-24-2013

Slightly related: Here’s a really neat paper from about a year and a half ago exploring the possibilities of looking for extraterrestrial civilizations through their city lights with our current telescope capabilities. http://arxiv.org/abs/1110.6181

Demarcus B.

Sunday Nov-10-2013

@Dennis that a pretty cool video you made. I wish it was longer.

@Abhumat that is a very interesting mechanism to discover extraterrestrial civilizations. I wonder what the result of their searching has produced...

Dennis M J M.

Friday Dec-20-2013

thank you both ! keep on explorin' and happy holidays ! :D

Purity K.

Tuesday Oct-07-2014

too cool..

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