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All quiet on the twitter front.


NASA has a new Moon mission launching next month!

inline image NASA render of the LADEE.

It's called LADEE (with the official pronounciation being like "laddie", versus "lady"), which stands for the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer.

inline image Aye, LADEE!

The mission will investigate lunar 'weather', essentially---what little atmosphere the Moon does have, and how that affects the ever-present dust (both high up in the 'air', and down low on the surface). This could have a huge impact on future missions, giving them a leg up on some of the potentially surprise challenges of the dust environment on the Moon.

inline image It's an extremely interesting mission!

The Moon has a lot of interesting properties and surprises to it, in fact, including electrified craters in the North and all kinds of water ice and other minerals we didn't even imagine as recently as 10 years ago. So, this should be an exciting one to follow! We really don't know jack about the Moon yet in a lot of ways, so any trip there has some interesting potential.

Back in May, NASA's Brian Day sat down to talk with us about the mission in more detail (54 minutes):

The launch should be an exciting event, and you can follow the mission's progress daily on Twitter (right in your feed)! Plus, stay tuned here for more coverage as the mission approaches.

Let's get out there, and dust off some more Moon mysteries!


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