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The Moon’s environment consists of a combination of atmospheric, thermal, meteoroids, radiation, magnetic field, and gravitational field mechanisms. If humans want a feasible lunar base we should look at the resources already on the moon to protect future lunar inhabitants. inline image Lunar regolith (soil) can be used to shield a lunar station and it’s inhabitants from the effects of the thermal, radiation, and meteoroid mechanisms. You may have pondered about the idea of using the soil on the moon but could you prove to NASA it would really work? Better yet would you live in a base made of lunar soil without scientific proof? inline image

Based on the individual threat of each of the Moon's environmental hazards on human life a lunar regolith shield of 1-2 meters would serve to provide adequate overall protection for a lunar crew within a lunar habitat. If you were thinking about a mound of dirt being 1-2 meters then think again. inline image

The lunar shield would have to be compressed to provide adequate shielding from the Moon's harsh environment as shown by the 4 figures below. you can see the compressed regolith of 30g/cm provides much less protection than regolith compressed to 100g/cm. inline image

After much research at Johnson Space Center and various University Space Centers around the United States, lunar regolith should be viewed as a viable and effective in-situ life support system resource.

What did they prove?

1.Lunar regolith has heat generating and heat storage potential.

2. Lunar regolith has proven its shielding properties against the many types of cosmic radiation.

So with this proof in mind would you be the first to inhabit a lunar base made of compressed regolith?


Nick A.

Friday Aug-02-2013

The Moon: where even the dirt is valuable! :) Sign me up for one of those vacation homes! :D

demarcus b.

Tuesday Aug-13-2013

im still curious as to how they will make lunar transportation cheap. Maybe we could launch people in escape pods. I saw something this been an idea for land travel on this website:

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