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A few weeks ago, I talked about Titan on this blog. Titan’s methane cycle and atmosphere and seas composed of methane make it one of the most fascinating places in the Solar System! Its methane cycle is the closest analog to the water cycle outside of Earth that we know of.

Now, this week, there’s going to be a fantastic opportunity to see both this Saturn moon and our own Moon close together! On Tuesday, July 16, the Moon is going to approach near Saturn. Both should be visible by naked eye. To easily spot Saturn, look for the Moon on Tuesday night. Saturn will be the bright dot nearby that will be slightly higher up in the sky than the Moon. The sky chart below shows the location of Saturn and the Moon, looking South on Tuesday night around 6 pm (click the chart for a larger view). You might have to wait until a little later, depending on the sunset time in your area, when both the Moon and Saturn will have moved westwards in the sky.

inline image

If you have a large telescope or a pair of binoculars, you should be able to see some of Saturn’s moons! Titan should appear to be the brightest of those moons. It will look like a bright dot. Here’s Saturn and some of its moons that you may be able to see Tuesday night.

inline image

And remember, the partially dark Moon will look great with a telescope or binoculars as well! Be sure to look around the terminator line (the line between the dark and light side of the Moon) to help better reveal some gorgeous craters and details.


Nick A.

Thursday Jul-25-2013

Awesome blog!

Did you catch that photo of the Earth & Moon from Saturn (via Cassini)? Pretty crazy!

I need to pick up a scope that can see Titan. That'd be pretty mind-blowing, seeing an almost kind of proto-Earth from home...

Abhimat G.

Friday Jul-26-2013

Yeah, that picture was stunning!

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