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Hey everyone, hope all is well and everyone has been having a great summer and keeping up to date with all things Moon and Space!!!

While reading the news today, I came across some interesting news regarding the Moon, so of course, I did some googling and found even more articles regarding the same news - a proposed national park (possibly theme park) on the Moon at the location of the Apollo 11 landing.

Now, a national park on the Moon would cost quite a bit of money and would take many years to complete. However, proposers of the bill have states that this would bring in quite a bit of money; however, where would this money come from? Only a handful of people would be able to visit this park, unless there were new strides into commercial travel to the Moon.

So, all of this in mind, what are all of your thoughts on a national park at the location of the Apollo 11 landing site? I think it's a fun idea, and would be an awesome park to visit, one day in the very distant future.


Abhimat G.

Monday Jul-15-2013

I’m not so sure about how many other people will be visiting it as well. But I think it might be nice to protect the Apollo landing sites for the future as national parks. With the national park designation, they could be protected as historical places and made sure that future development or exploration don’t harm these spots that are markers of one of the greatest human achievements.

Nick A.

Thursday Jul-25-2013

I think it should be a -world- park, vs a national one---a site to be treasured by all mankind, under the U.N. as a World Heritage Site (or special new designation).

demarcus b.

Friday Aug-02-2013

@Nick I read that the bill would require the Apollo 11 lunar landing site for designation as a World Heritage Site no later than one year after the park's establishment.
So thats a plus!

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