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By now I'm sure everyone has heard about this month's blue moon. While Blue Moon is a tasty beverage, this month's blue moon is an astronomical phenomena and not a fermented drink.

A blue moon is simply a full moon that occurs a second time in one month. The Moon does not actually turn blue in color, though there have been times when the Moon has looked blue to observers. The Moon had a bluish hue due to particles suspended in the atmosphere following the eruption of Mount Krakatoa in 1883. Particles in smoke from wildfires may also cause the Moon to appear blue.

The Moon is not sad, although one could argue it is. The Moon, after all, has not had a calling from its planetary neighbor since Apollo 17 in 1972. Put it that way and I would say the Moon is sad. But that's still not why New Year's Eve's full moon is called a blue moon.

The term "blue moon" can be traced back 600 years when people used it to describe something as being absurd. The contemporary use of the term "Once in a blue moon" arose during the 19th century to describe the rare occurence of some event.

However you plan to celebrate tonight's blue moon, whether looking at it through a telescope or watching the ball drop in Times Square, have fun, be safe and we'll see you all next year.


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