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The moon is not only a satellite of the Earth. It also has many natural significances as well as religious and cultural significances. In nature, the Moon causes the tides of the ocean.

This is a link to a good page on the moon in other cultures and religions as well as the moon in mythology. The article begins with the moon in Hebrew Mythology and then moves to Daoism as well as other cultures. It is a very interesting article and gives a good explanation of how other people around the world, as well as people in history have viewed the moon. This shows that the moon is not only something that changes the tides of the Earth. It has many other meanings around the world. Please comment your thoughts below as well as let us know what the Moon means to you!


Nick A.

Tuesday Oct-30-2012

I just picked up an awesome book that talks about a lot of this:

Great for the coffee table. It's a fun little book. (It's about 4x4", so a neat little square of Moon goodness)

Eve L.

Tuesday Oct-30-2012

Nice resources - thanks for sharing! I will definitely be checking that book out Nick. I think that the Moon will always be calming and inspiring to me, a reminder of how tiny and insignificant we are, as well as excited for the possibilities of what lies beyond!

On a side note, the Moon's influence on tides sure wasn't helping the East Coast yesterday! A very un-fortuitous combination of ingredients all came together - fascinating to the meteorologist in me but unfortunate for those affected! Wishing themm a speedy recovery!

Dennis M J M.

Wednesday Oct-31-2012

another insightful and interesting post, sir william. I like that we are including links to other info in so many posts now ! We're all bringing different interests and connections to the pool of info here. Huzzah !

side note; how many eves are on this site ?? ;p heh, I joke, I kid ;p

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