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One of the big questions regarding the moon is whether or not it should ever be colonized. I am curious to learn other people's beliefs on this subject. I believe that colonizing the moon is a definitive step forward in the space exploration age. Colonizing the moon allows for people to live on a different celestial body, if they wish. It may allow for more research to be done that we would be incapable of completing on Earth. It also leads to the possibility of mining the moon for resources that could be found there, as well as a possible vacation hub. Along with being a vacation hub, the Moon could also be a hub for further space exploration. In my opinion, the Moon could be the equivalent of St. Louis. Before exploration of the western United States began, St. Louis was the place to be before heading further west, and became known as the gateway to the west. The Moon could be very similar to this and could become "the gateway to the solar system".

What are your thoughts on this matter?


Nick A.

Sunday Sep-16-2012

I love that idea of the Moon as St. Louis---there's a lot of parallels between the Old West and this new era.

One of the things I love the most about the Moon, really---we get our own frontier era to play with :)

William K.

Sunday Sep-16-2012

Agreed. But, just like the West was to the US. The solar system is a scary place and we don't know what we will find. However, all it takes is a few people willing to explore. The only question that remains is who will be the modern day Merriwether Lewis and William Clark?

Dennis M J M.

Sunday Sep-16-2012

I think one of the main motivators will be an exo-planetary body where the laws of earth dont apply so corporations can conduct 'immoral' science up there. Like cloning for organs and stuff, producing chimeras (chimerai ??) things that are illegal here on earth but have major benefits could be more suitably done 'offworld'. I also agree with previous statements and think that the parallels between space and the old west should continue to grow for a while, but I'm really interested to see what comes after... where will moon civilization be in 100 years, will it be the leading edge of freedom, science and technology for all mankind or will it be trapped in old world rules and regulations forever ? Only time will tell. I like how your posts always get us talking, keep up the great work everyone ! :D

Nick A.

Friday Sep-21-2012

About Lewis & Clark---

Armstrong & Aldrin :)

Apollo bears a lot of similarities to their Corps of Discovery. Something Ken Burns emphasizes in his documentary.

Even the 40 year lull afterwards!

You had the big scientific/political mission to be first and prove it; but the infrastructure wasn't there for it to be practical for most people, so no one else went for decades until trains, etc. opened up the frontier to businesses and regular folk. Basically, the stage we're at now. So I don't find the lack of Moon activity since Apollo surprising, given that precedent.

Dennis M J M.

Monday Sep-24-2012

great insights about the lull, well played, good sir.

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