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All quiet on the twitter front.


As a new era of space exploration dawns, it feels like musicians are starting to catch on---there’s been a ton of fun Moon and space references lately in band names, songs, album artwork, and you-name-it lately.

inline image The moon-a-riffic album art from Lost Lander’s DRRT.

Here’s a few of the first highlights from 2011-2012, with crazy music videos, great tunes, and moon references abound: (And stay tuned for Volume 2, with even more coming soon!)


A big hit lately, Walk the Moon’s youthful “Anna Sun” has been shining its light on both their very-lunar name---and the top of the charts!:

That video’s notable for a 2:40-long, single-take shot at the beginning, as singer Nicholas Petricca makes his way through a dance party. Pretty crazy! Film majors, take note.


A talented group out of Portland, they’ve taken a passion for space & science and landed with an original sound chock full of cool flourishes:

Their album packaging folds out into a planetarium, they have a song called Dead Moon, and recently played a show at a science museum (complete with a group wink-at-the-moon for Neil Armstrong). Their space chops are serious, and they’re just getting started, so keep an eye out!


I wrote an entire post about their lunar love, which includes the CD art and a lunar faux-documentary (just for the heck of it) on their official site.

The highlight, though, might be the video of “Not Your Fault”, where the claymation-animated band engages in some unexpected Moon combat/dance with aliens (Robot-Chicken style):

A lot of lunar enthusiasm there from a huge-hit band!


This is just the tip of the iceberg (I had more, but there was so much awesomeness here I had to split it up)---not to mention these are just bands from alternative rock, nevermind all the other genres.

I’m sure there’s a ton more out there---if you’ve seen any, post them in the comments below! (Or throw us a tweet @mymoonlpi!)

And stay tuned for Vol. 2, coming soon---with looks at M83, Black Prairie, and more :)


Dennis M J M.

Sunday Sep-16-2012

I've been noticing that too. Can't yet tell if its just more people getting into it or a move by the industry to get more people into it...hmmmmmm.

Project M.

Monday Sep-17-2012

We have lots of moon-related music our weekly podcast too!

Nick A.

Tuesday Sep-18-2012

Project Moonbase...I may have a new BFF XD (What do you guys think of Lost Lander?)

And Dennis: --either way, it's good :D

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