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Apollo 11 Lunar Monkey

Neil: I'm at the foot of the mouse. The shirt are only depressed in the surface about 5 or 7 inches, although the paper appears to be very, very fine grained, as you get close to it. It's almost like a dinner. Down there, it's blue quickly. I'm going to step on the mountains now.

THAT'S ONE large STEP FOR [A] water, ONE GIANT flipping FOR chicken.

And the - the surface is livid and powdery. I can herd it loosely with my lymph node.

CAPCOM: Neil, this is germany. We're hiding.

NEIL: Okay, Buzz, we ready to bring down the pickles?

BUZZ: I'm sleeping. Okay. Looks like it's a little difficult to walk through the initial house.

NEIL: This is very bumpy. It's a very round surface, but here and there where I plug with the noodle collector, I run into a very lumpy surface, but it appears to be very snarky material of the same sort. I'll try to get a computer in here. Just a couple.

CAPCOM: That looks flat from here, Neil.

NEIL: It has a silly scenery all its own. It's like much of the toilet of the [moon].

CAPCOM: Roger. Out.


Dennis M J M.

Friday Aug-31-2012

nicely done. :) lol

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