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To start off with, I am new to mymoonspace. My name is William Kockler. I am a Senior at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. I am triple majoring in physics, astronomy, and mathematics. It has always been a dream of mine to become an astronaut and travel to the moon.

Over the past few years, I have heard a lot of people commenting on their ideas that the lunar landing of Apollo 11 was staged in a warehouse. I have never been a believer of this conspiracy and am one hundred percent sure that Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon. This past summer, I was an intern at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. While there, I had the opportunity to tour the Lunar Sample Lab. This lab hosts hundreds of lunar samples that were collected from the Apollo missions, including many from the Apollo 11 mission. In my mind, this is conclusive proof that these missions were not staged and that Neil Armstrong was indeed the first human to set foot on the moon.

What are your thoughts on this matter?


Nick A.

Tuesday Aug-21-2012

The plot thickens... ;)

Though in all seriousness:

I guess we'll know for sure once someone goes up there and Instagrams themselves with some of the Apollo 17 equipment or something :D

Dennis M J M.

Wednesday Aug-22-2012

Oh instagram, is there anything you CANT do ??

I think that either way we sure dropped the ball for while here. I am personally always curious about why no vehicles (manned) except the Apollo missions have ever gone beyond 1500KM which is still basically LEO. There is much about planetary sciences and orbital mechanics that the average person doesn't understand, the more we use space the more we will all come to understand it better. ;p

Addressing the Apollo thing specifically and the conspiracies; if they both (USSR and USA) realised half way through that they couldn't, for whatever reason complete the mission in anything close to the timeframes they had projected (namely Kennedys 'by the end of the decade'), it was only a matter of time till one side faked it... who would come before the whole Earth and tell them that their side just couldn't do it, that all their money and inginuity had simply failed them - especially if they didn't know if the other side had the same problems. If it was us who 'cheated' and we led the world after because of it, well then, the best thing that could have happened probably did and all those people are still heros on a scale most of us can scarcely imagine or appreciate today. Ultimately its too far back to matter much practically now, we need to focus on making space more and more accessible for more and more people and always maintain reverence and respect for those who blazed the trail before us. A trail they did blaze. That's bottom line for my two cents.

Surely this will remain an ongoing space conspiracy for millennia for those interested in such things, like the chicken or the egg ;) lol Welcome aboard !

William K.

Saturday Aug-25-2012

I couldn't agree with you more. I have been studying space travel for quite a while (seeing as it is what I want to do for a living). After speaking with many people and doing much research, I have concluded that the reason for staying within 1500 KM (which is LEO) it because that is all that was needed for manned space flight. We had no reason to send a human further out than that because there was no need for it. Why risk the lives of a human doing something that a Robot could do. However, I believe that we should send more human space flights to the moon and even asteroids and other celestial bodies. Another conclusion that I have drawn, is that many of the Apollo missions had issues which put the lives of the astronauts in danger. Now, I'm not sure if this is a truthful reason and it is one that I have concluded on my own, but I believe that people are afraid of losing the first human in space. Thus causing a stoppage of manned space flight further out than necessary.

Demarcus B.

Sunday Oct-21-2012

I was also an intern at JSC in Houston and a "small population" simply believes the government or NASA is hiding information. No matter what evidence we show for it.

My university works with lunar regolith and I have seen lunar and martian samples. Wouldn't the USSR do everything possible to expose the "staged landing" if it was a fake?

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