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The $30 million Google Lunar X PRIZE is an awesome race to the Moon----challenging private companies to be the first to land their own rover on the Moon!

With 25 teams, all ramping up the action, there’s a lot of news that comes every week!

This edition’s a two-week round---so here’s the 5 best items from the GLXP since July 9th!


1.) Googling It Team Moon Express has added a former Google VIP, Dr. Jimi Crawford! He’s been a leader on Google Books for several years and---having worked at NASA Ames before that---is excited to help as a software lead:

“Everybody that creates a startup in Silicon Valley, they all try to say they’re going to change the world. Here, it’s just so completely obvious,” Crawford told “The idea that private enterprise can get to the moon, the idea that the U.S. is back on the moon after 45 years — it’s hard to compare that with any other job that you actually get paid to do.” - Dr. Jimi Crawford

Ex-Google Hotshot Joins Private Moon Race Team

2.) Polar Bear Team Astrobotic posted an update on their Polaris ice-mining rover...and it’s a big mother! Check out the size comparison to their current, initial-landing rover (yes, Astrobotic has several rovers in development...they’re in the Moon for the long haul!):

Polaris vs. Red Rover

3.) Rome-ing the Moon Team Italia posted a neat video overviewing their mission and goals!:

4.) Indian Summer Team [url=]Indus/url] posted an interesting summary of everything the team did this past quarter. A taste of life as a GLXP team! :)

Team Indus’ Q2 2012 Summary

5.) -Really- Popular Mechanics A whole bunch of teams were featured in an awesome, quote-a-riffic Popular Mechanics article on the X PRIZE and how it’s a preview of the new space age!:

"I came out here from Denver as a hosted payload on United Airlines. That's the model we're using. It's not that revolutionary. It's a great model for NASA because they don't have to afford an entire mission at 10 to 20 percent of the cost. They just have to afford a payload.” -Moon Express’ Alan Stern

How the Lunar X Prize Is a Preview of the New Space Age - Popular Mechanics


I’ll be rounding these up on a weekly basis, so check back to see what kinds of cool things are going down with the Google Lunar X PRIZE teams!

If you have any suggestions for next week’s best items as they come ‘em in the comments below! :)

And follow the feeds for team blogs, team social feeds, and team videos for the whole nine yards and everything from the Lunar X PRIZE!


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