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Few things are quite as awesome as citizen science.

That's where the scientists in x or y field---often space---give the power to the people to collect a bunch of data and complete a huge task.

Like, mapping the moon!

Tomorrow night we're having a webcast with Pamela Gay, whose own Cosmoquest has their own lunar citizen science project rolling: MoonMappers!

Stop by tomorrow at 7pm CST to chat her up about all things moon mapping and people power :) And follow CosmoQuest's great Google+ page for weekly science hangouts!

And until then---what are your favorite citizen science projects that you've heard of? And what's one you'd like to see with the Moon?


ian c.

Wednesday Jun-27-2012

Ian C
one of the members of the Leicester astronomical society is runing a progect to get a really good light curve for Beta Lyrae,and if any of you would like a crack at some variable star observing Email me and i will give you the details, as for the moon i would like to see a large scale TLP project using the images that exist to try and understand what is real and what is just wishful thinking on our part and i will confess i belive i have seen one,

Abhimat G.

Friday Jun-29-2012

My favorite citizen science project is probably the Galaxy Zoo project ( It lets anyone classify galaxies and help current research in galaxy morphology and in galaxy evolution throughout the history of the universe. SETI@Home is also pretty interesting, although that really just uses your computer to do the thinking, rather than your brain.

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