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The Institute's Dr. Paul Spudis weighs in on China's motives for space exploration and the importance of the US's continued presence in space.

With the weekend launch of the latest Shenzhou spacecraft and its successful rendezvous and docking with an orbiting space station, world attention is once again focused on China’s flourishing space program. Although China’s human spaceflight efforts currently focus on low Earth orbit, in recent years they have sent two robotic orbital spacecraft to the Moon and have announced their intentions for a lunar lander/rover mission. These efforts lead many in the west to speculate that a presence on the Moon is a likely and realistic goal for China’s space future. Read more.


Nick A.

Saturday Jun-23-2012

Robert Bigelow has been "worried" about it:

Though as Boyle notes, it's probably a bit early to be rattling the sabers.

What do you/everyone else think? Is a space-leading China something that's to be 'worried' about?

ian c.

Thursday Jun-28-2012

Ian C
The only thing to worry about when it comes down to it, is they may actualy have the cash to make a moon base a reality, and if they do that regardless of the outer space treatys they own it. You never know they may make space commerse viable ?.

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