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Imagine if you could go to the Moon today. If you could bring anything to the Moon with you, what would it be? Would you want something to remind you of home, in case you get homesick? Or would you want something to help you explore the Moon?

I’ll go first. I would bring a camera. I’d want EVERYONE I know to be able to see what an amazing place the Moon is. What better way to capture all the gorgeous views possible from the Moon? To be able to see the entire planet Earth from one place or seeing the beautiful expanse of the lunar surface would be breathtaking in and of itself. But to be able to capture this and share it with other would be priceless.


Eve H.

Friday Jun-15-2012

Hmmm - definitely a camera, like you said. I would also want to bring a picture of my family and my journal (w/pencil) so that I could record all of my experiences and observations - maybe a few sketches as well. It's easy to forget details after a while if you don't jot them down right away ... and you may have some profound thoughts & insights while you are up there exploring!

On a side note - it may also be fun to bring some classic toys (like a pogo stick) and have some fun playing on the Moon! :0)

Nick A.

Saturday Jun-16-2012

Jet pack. Then I'd go find a good mountain. :D "The first to climb Mons Huygens..." Perhaps "summit" is the better word though, ha.

ian c.

Wednesday Jun-27-2012

Ian C
i would take a scarf, some buttons,and a carrot and build a snow man in the Shackleton crater(named after a great man, but i am biased being english)

Kayla J.

Saturday Jul-07-2012

I would bring my ihphone and tweet from the moon.

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