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The latest from Dr. Paul Spudis' blog The Once and Future Moon.

Where does the Moon fit into plans for future human space exploration? From reading the space media, you might get the idea that the very notion is dead and buried, killed by President Obama’s casual dismissal of the idea in a speech over two years ago at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, followed this year by Mitt Romney’s dismissive remarks on the Moon during the Republican primaries. Nevertheless, many in the international community (and in the United States) are keeping the lunar flame alive for a variety of reasons, not the least among them being that it is understood that politicians aren’t rocket scientists – nor should we expect them to be. Read more.


Nick A.

Wednesday Jun-06-2012

Dr. Spudis is awesome! That was a great post. (Is he still involved with Odyssey Moon and/or other GLXP teams? I know he was back in the day).

Andy S.

Thursday Jun-07-2012

I don't know. I shall ask him! He's just down the hall. It's a really cool thing to have these scientists at your disposal :)

Andy S.

Thursday Jun-07-2012

Here is Paul's reply:

No. I only consulted with the Odyssey Moon team for a couple of years and I was a non-paid consultant for Moon Express. I have met the head of the X-Prize Foundation, Alexandra Hall, once.

So, the answer is “Currently, not at all.”

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