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Life in Houston isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be … don’t get me wrong, I love the Lunar and Planetary Institute and all of my nutty friends there, but sometimes… I just need to stretch my legs and escape to new climates! After all, having only two seasons: HOT and REALLY HOT gets old after a while.

So, last month my peeps at MyMoon sent me out on assignment. It may just be their way of living vicariously through me, but hey, I’ll take it! Let’s be clear, I’m a squirrel and not a badger, but I dig exploring the world beyond my forest. Maybe someday, it will be the MOON! Anyway, back to my travels - I took a trip to visit my famous cousin Rally Squirrel in St. Louis. We had a blast visiting the sites and listening to our favorite lunar songs. You may have seen my pics on Facebook?! However, our fun took a turn when our conversation went to the Moon and my cousin started sharing some of his Moon conspiracy theories.

You know, some people don’t believe that we’ve been to the Moon! Now, as an educated space squirrel, I felt obligated to set him straight by sharing the MyMoon Conspiracy Showdown with him. He was a tough conspiracy nut to crack, but he couldn’t deny the evidence against his theories as we explored the Showdown videos. His comments got me wondering though; do you have a Moon conspiracy? Do you have friends or relatives that do? If so, you should spend some time at the Conspiracy Showdown like Rally and I did. The videos that we’ve already posted there on MyMoon are epic! Even better, if you have a conspiracy NOT featured and answered there, you can send them to MyMoon, and I’ll put them to rest in the Conspiracy Showdown (with the help of my LPI buddies)! All of this made me realize that I really don’t have to go anywhere to have a luny good time … I was ready to go home.

So, Houston, we have a squirrel! I’m happy to be back, but just found out that my travels will be continuing, and evidently, I am at the mercy of you – the CoMOONity! You can take MyMoon’s latest poll, and cast your vote for where I should visit next. In the meantime, I will be trying my paw out as an artist this month, and you can do the same! Submit your lunar images in the MyMoon ComMoonity Art Project for a chance to win some MyMoon goodies and bragging rights. If you need some inspiration check out some of the lunar artwork on our new Pinterest page! We are pinning all things in culture inspired by the moon. I can’t wait to see your Moon art! Get involved in the ComMOONity and TRY to keep up with your favorite space squirrel!

Nutty4NASA ~ Chuck


Nick A.

Monday May-07-2012

Rally Squirrel ain't got nothin' on you. Though from what I hear, the Lunar Badger Don't Care! Moon cheese, moon colonists, you name it.

Dennis M J M.

Tuesday May-08-2012

heheh, from your picture it looks like you have a great deal of fun with your job :)

keep up the good work !!

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