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All quiet on the twitter front.


A great new band has been on the rise of late---AWOLNATION. And they’ve been bringing a lot of lunar love with them...and I do mean a lot!

With a sound that I’d describe as “If David Bowie and Linkin Park threw a populist dance party together”, the project of Aaron Bruno has turned out an amazing album and lot of success as a result. I caught Bruno & Co. live in Eugene, OR a few weeks back, and it was (of course) epic.

The fact that they have quite the lunar enthusiasm is just icing on the cake. It’s almost unparraleled, and the art on the album’s CD gives the first taste:

Exhibit A: the Album Art

inline image

Front and center is our good friend Luna. This is my favorite album in a long time, and it brings me great pleasure that my good friend the Moon also happens to be right smack dab on it. A little electronic inspiration marked by it is perfect.

But that’s just getting started with AWOL and the Moon...

Exhibit B: The “Not Your Fault” music video

Embracing a little Robot Chicken-style claymation goodness, the music video for the hit “Not Your Fault” has a good ⅓ of it taking place on the Moon. With the band fighting aliens to the death, of course (not quite so uninhabited in this case, ha).

The animated lunar mayhem starts at 2:30 (right after the Yeti battle...):

And speaking of mayhem...

Exhibit C: Megalithic Mayhem

Why just watch the mayhem when you can take part in it? Yes, AWOLNATION actually has an entire game where you can take up arms and fight them squattin’ aliens yourself:


That’s in-browser, and there’s Android and iPhone versions as well.

But even all that doesn’t hold a candle to the biggie...

Exhibit D: Lost Signal Short Film

Front and center on AWOLNATION’s “About” page is a “dispatch from the AWOLNATION archives”: a five-minute short film with some serious production values.

Deliciously moody and conspiratorial, the fact they went into this much effort to produce a moon-themed video (and a great one, at that) pretty much just for fun shows the true lunar dedication of our awesome Mr. Bruno and company.


Great music and a thorough passion for the Moon...can’t go wrong :) And they’re just getting started. Who knows what else we’ll see about Luna from the AWOLNATION? (*fingers crossed for a song*... :D )

If you’re like me and love both AWOLNATION and space, pick up one of their spaceman shirts :)


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