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With Ashton Kutcher now officially slated to be the 500th passenger on Virgin Galactic’s space tourism flights, it’s got me thinking about the true frontier in space lux travel...the Moon! While spending five minutes weightless in kind-of-space sounds fabulous, walking on the moon is the true adventurer’s dream. And it’ll be happening soon, at this rate. So, who should go? We’ll be debating the merits of such and such vs. what’s-his-name on the Moon before we know it, so here’s a look at the top five people I would draft right now to go on a vaca up there, and why:

5) Ashton Kutcher. (@aplusk)

Yes, Mr. Kutcher himself makes this list. And why not? He’s already a Twitter-baring torchbearer, pioneering new levels of attention for space tourism, and his presence on the Moon would get way more eyes up there. Get the masses talking about the Moon, and see what happens.

Aston Kutcher Bound For Space

4) Bill Richardson. (@govrichardson)

A space enthusiast with some political chops, the former Governor of New Mexico helped get Spaceport America built. A onetime Commerce Secretary nominee, Richardson or someone with similar chops scoping out construction sites would give lunar business a solid boost off the launching pad. Tag team him with Newt Gingrich and Barack Obama for the ultimate three-ring lunar tour.

Gov. Richardson on the Huffington Post: Creating 21st Century Jobs

3) Duncan Jones. (@manmademoon) Da-who? Director and co-writer of “Moon”, Mr. Jones earned balls-points for being the first to bring ethics on the lunar frontier to the screen. Will the Moon be a penal colony and hotbed of corruption, like it is in “Moon” and stories like “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”? Or, will we shape the Moon into something better? I think Duncan would bring some of that perspective to reality with a little jaunt up there himself…and plus, his dad has said an interesting thing or two about space journeys. ;)

2) Neil DeGrasse Tyson. (@neiltyson)

For all his space genius and awesome charisma, Mr. Tyson’s most valuable trait as a space tourist would be his perspective. His eloquence in defining our existence is famous, and as Apollo 8 said, they went to discover the Moon, but really ended up discovering Earth.

1) You.

Yes, you. It’s our era---I’m 28, and by the time I’ve retired, I’ll have a few space vacations under my belt. We, and especially our kids/grandkids, get the first cracks at shaping the frontier of the Moon. So, let’s go! We can be the ones to hit the lunar powder, soak it all in, and raise a martini on the Sea of Tranquility. It’s the rich now, but look at flight and airliner service. It’s our era, and a lot of you reading this are going to have the chance (or at least have your kids bring back a rock).

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So, what would you do on the Moon? And who do you think should go?


Dennis M J M.

Wednesday Apr-04-2012

Great post ! I would suggest Richard Hoagland as it will either be his time to shine in the sun (while getting his picture taken next to massive glass skyscrapers left from long gone civilizations)or it will be high time that he face the music and comes to terms with the notion that life (even as we know it) is already a great mystery and miracle ;p

Its nice to have dreams and make wild speculation from time to time but continually accusing people of 'not getting it' or saying NASA is hiding EVERYTHING from us gets to be a little much for my tastes.

While I found Dark Mission to be an interesting examination of the origins of the space program, much of what he says leaves me thinking one of us is a complete idiot... I'd like to know which one it is ;D

I also find this list to be a bit male-centric, Beth Beck would have made mine too ;)

Again, great post ! Cheers

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