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The $30 million Google Lunar X PRIZE has 26 teams, each with a rover competing for the grand prize---and for the all-important style points!

So not only does each rover, lander, hopper, ball, and other budding moon explorer have different functionality, but their own brand of robochic. The best rover may win the public's minds, but the coolest may win the public's hearts.

I've been running down the best of the best (here's Part 1), with the help of three “judges”:

Samuel Bell: Noted lunar citizen

GAL 9000: Lonely lunar supercomputer

Simon Jester: The Moon's own slippery, sharp-witted satirist

Without further ado, here's the next 8 entries (in order of entry in the X PRIZE)...

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In three words: Modular modern jolt

Samuel Bell would say: “The right fit, every time.”

GAL 9000 would say: “Flexible!”

Simon Jester would say: “Millipedes…not for me.”

Would be the lunar equivalent of: Jeff Daniels

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Independence-X’s Independence Lunar Rover-1 (ILR-1)

In three words: Cobalt blue chariotry

Samuel Bell would say: “Tank wheels---this one can rock, and roll.”

GAL 9000 would say: “That’s why they call it the blues…”

Simon Jester would say: “Bring on the New Order.”

Would be the lunar equivalent of: Vida Blue

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Omega Envoy's SAGAN

In three words: Cosmic shore surfer

Samuel Bell would say: "Where no milk crate has gone before?”

GAL 9000 would say: “Ooo, mirrors!” *checks makeup*

Simon Jester would say: “Feeling a tingle in the spine, a catch in the voice...”

Would be the lunar equivalent of: Karl Urban

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Synergy Moon's Tesla

In three words: Coiled circular cool

Samuel Bell would say: “To the point.”

GAL 9000 would say: “Electric personality.”

Simon Jester would say: “AC or DC?”

Would be the lunar equivalent of: David Bowie

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Euroluna's Romit

In three words: Jet set racer

Samuel Bell would say: “Full speed ahead.”

GAL 9000 would say: “Looks fast...”

Simon Jester would say: “SAIL.”

Would be the lunar equivalent of: Vin Diesel

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White Label Space's unnamed rover

In three words: Model Martian citizen

Samuel Bell would say: “It's got spirit.”

GAL 9000 would say: “Sparks my curiosity.”

Simon Jester would say: “White and nerdy.”

Would be the lunar equivalent of: Taylor Kitsch

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Part Time Scientists' Asimov 1

In three words: Third-eye's not blind

Samuel Bell would say: “It pays to be obvious, especially if you have a reputation for subtlety.”

GAL 9000 would say: “Nice Asimov!”

Simon Jester would say: “One is glad to be of service.”

Would be the lunar equivalent of: Will Smith

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Selenokhod's Selenokhod

In three words: Eponymous pop-up probe

Samuel Bell would say: “I dig it.”

GAL 9000 would say: “WALL-E!”

Simon Jester would say: “Scoop, and fold.”

Would be the lunar equivalent of: Ben Folds


Stay tuned for the grand finale, and for all kinds of other lunar awesomeness here at!


Dennis M J M.

Thursday Feb-23-2012

heheh, clever, nicely written series : )

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