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All quiet on the twitter front.


The following question came to MyMoon this past weekend via Twitter:
what if china lands on the moon next year&removes our USA flags&says there is no sign of past human presence.
Please note, the message has not been altered other than the italics. So, what if next year China were to 1) land on the Moon, 2) remove the U.S. flags, and 3) claim there is no proof of past human presence? I'm sure most of the MyMoon community and anyone who knows anything about Apollo would have an intelligent response. So tell us your response!

What if China lands on the Moon next year?

  1. China wants to go the Moon? 0 (0%)
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  4. Impossible and ridiculous 1 (100.00 %)


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Dennis M J M.

Saturday Feb-04-2012

I wrote an interesting blog a little while back also talking about the possibility of china taking the lead in a new space race. While I hadn't considered that they might do such a thing as abscond artifacts, I still am shocked that so little effort seems to be employed towards getting them into the ISS family. China was involved with the Mars500, but none of their manifest space projects have yet been in cooperation with any other nations.

I think, with the current controversy in American fringe culture about the authenticity of the moon, if China did as you suggest, it would be hard to refute. Still, I would think we would have the capacity to send stuff up there by now to make it look like we'd been even if we hadn't...still there is one simple piece of technology we are lacking to totally disprove all these anti-moon-man notions;

I always think its funny that in a country that celebrates such achievements as the worlds largest ball of twine, that no one has set up any telescope that can clearly and obviously examine the moon relics... THAT makes it more suspect to me than 1000 conspiracy theories no matter how well composed... why can't we just go some place and check it out to clearly refute these 'crack pots'? Such titles have been applied with less than complete accuracy in the past... hmmmm...

Andy S.

Monday Feb-06-2012

Like Phil Plait (The Bad Astronomer) and others have said: "Moon Hoax believers have made it their mission in life to deny the veritable tsunami of evidence that the landings were real. That includes all the pictures taken by the astronauts themselves." If a telescope were to be built that was large enough to resolve Apollo hardware, hoax believers still would not believe it because THEY DON'T WANT TO BELIEVE IT. Phil writes a nice blog about seeing Apollo hardware on the Moon with telescopes on his blog.

Dennis M J M.

Thursday Feb-09-2012

While I agree that most 'moon hoaxers' are walking around with too much passion and not enough facts, I think that we (space folk) have contributed to their... shall we say confusion... by never returning a person to the lunar surface (or even beyond LEO) in some 40 years. There are whole generations now that weren't a part of that great period, so there is some validity to their doubts when the science of these advanced optical phenomena can be so hard to explain.

Trying to explain resolution limits and whatnot to people is much harder than them just being able to go to some dedicated NASA site and view the artifacts - that was my point. Thanks for the link, though! :)

Dennis M J M.

Thursday Feb-09-2012

view the artifacts through a telescope on Earth,i mean.

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