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All quiet on the twitter front.


Beginning September 13, 2011, MyMoon is going to start playing a little game with our Twitter followers called the MyMoon Daily Twit. Each weekday morning, MyMoon will post a lunar trivia question on Twitter, the Daily Twit, by 11am Central Time. The first person to reply with the correct answer will win a MyMoon sticker! Hey, don’t laugh. MyMoon stickers are cool and are like currency in some parts of the world. Questions will be about the geology of the Moon, past and present lunar exploration, art, music, whatever! Anything lunar-related is bound to show up.

The Rules and Other Stuff
1. Answers must be submitted via Twitter to @MyMoonLPI.
2. Answers must be submitted the same day the question is posted.
3. Answers must be accompanied by the hashtag #mymoondailytwit
4. One sticker per contestant per month. In other words, you cannot win more than once a month. Oh yes. We’ll keep track.
5. The daily winner is defined as the Tweep who first replies to @MyMoonLPI with the correct answer AND the hashtag #mymoondailytwit.
6. The winner will be notified by Direct Messaging on Twitter and will be asked for a mailing address where their prize will be sent.

That’s it! Keep an eye on the MyMoon twitter account, @MyMoonLPI, for the MyMoon Daily Twit beginning September 13th!


Sherman F.

Tuesday Sep-13-2011

This site is really neat, would love to interact my blog

Sherman F.

Tuesday Sep-13-2011

This is a neat site. Love to see it all I am introducing myself

My Blog

Andy S.

Thursday Sep-15-2011

Hi Sherman! Welcome to the MyMoon Community!

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