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Last week we released the Conspiracy Showdown exhibit which includes a form to submit conspiracy claims not addressed in the exhibit. Which conspiracy claims are we referring to? Claims of "proof" that NASA faked the Moon landings between 1969 and 1972. MyMoon received a response from the email we sent out to the listserv on August 19th. It reads:

Gee, I wanted to put in the Moon Hoax that the Moon revolves around the Earth, but I couldn't find the Exhibit site....the Moon moves back-and-forth across the Earth's orbital path always moving forward curved toward the Sun. the hoax is that the Moon revolves around the Earth.

Huh? The Moon revolves around the Sun, not the Earth? While this has nothing to do with claims that NASA faked the Moon landings, I thought we could at least discuss it here.

OK. So the question presented here is does the Moon orbit the Earth or the Sun? This seems like a silly question. I would think if you polled people about this (foreshadowing), the vast majority would say the Moon orbits the Earth. That's what we have all been taught. Obviously, there are people who would champion the idea that the Moon orbits the Sun. You know what, depending how you look at it, that idea is not as far-fetched as you might think. I won't go into the specifics here. I'll let our good friend Phil Plait examine this issue. Remember Phil? He's the animated bald guy in the Conspiracy Showdown exhibit. Read his blog posting about this question. Once you have read his blog post, come back here and cast your vote: Does the Moon orbit the Earth or the Sun?

Does the Moon orbit the Earth or the Sun?

  1. Earth 11 (47.83 %)
  2. Sun 1 (4.35 %)
  3. Both 11 (47.83 %)


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