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NASA and MyMoon have teamed up to blog about everything lunar. Art, literature, music, movies, science, and everything in between!

All quiet on the twitter front.


A line from a great comedy and apropos to boot since I came up with the idea of our resident highwire rodent. Hi there, my name is Alec and I'm the lead designer / developer / cheerleader at meetings pitching bizarre ideas for MyMoon content.

Earlier this year I was turned loose on the MyMoon project and ever since that faithful day when I bet my whole career at LPI on a prototype design lacking the usual NASA starfield, I've been trying to do things a little differently (okay, a lot).

So I'll be here posting from time to time about this and that until they decide to turn off my mic. You'll probably find me posting quite a bit about art, music, and the random musings of a pop culture addled web developer who has found himself looking up to the sky a lot more….and apparently talking about himself in the third person. Here's to hoping it's no more of the latter!



Alec E.

Friday Sep-25-2009

Someone out there has to know what movie the title of my post is from. Or am I just an insufferable nerd-deluxe?

Andy S.

Saturday Sep-26-2009

I know what it is. But I'll never tell. Unless that's being too un-dude.

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