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Cislunar space? What? As defined by the Space Wiki, cislunar space is "the volume within the Moon's orbit, or a sphere formed by rotating that orbit. Volumes within that such as low earth orbit (LEO) are distinguished by other names. Practically, cislunar space is a useful label for "the volume between geostationary orbit and the moon's orbit". There you go. Now, read Dr. Paul Spudis' rationale for developing cislunar space. Dr. Spudis is a staff scientist here at the Institute so he's not only brilliant, he's also a pretty cool guy.

A Rationale for Cislunar Space
At a recent workshop on lunar return, a critical part of the discussion focused on the need for a statement of purpose – a value proposition for the Moon. Over the years I’ve attempted to distill my rationale for lunar return (my “elevator speech” if you will) into a clearly stated and persuasive argument about the need for enabling human reach beyond low Earth orbit – into all the areas between Earth and Moon (cislunar space) where all of our satellite assets reside. So, as the elevator doors are closing, I will state my Rationale for Cislunar Space: MORE


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