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You've been Rick Rolled!! Sort of. Peeps and Rick Astley are not related in this posting. They are just the two subjects. First, Peeps. I stumbled upon an infographic this afternoon - "Ten Fun Facts About Peeps." Indeed, they are fun facts. See the infographic here.

There appears to be a slight discrepancy between how long it takes to make one Peep (Fun Fact #2) and how many Peeps are made in a day (Fun Fact #4). Do the math. The numbers do not agree. What are the good folks at Just Born (Peeps manufacturer) not telling us? What's the secret to their mass production of Peeps?

Don't forget MyMoon is currently running a Peeps diorama contest. You can also give your input on our latest poll: What would you do with an endless supply of Peeps?

That brings us to Rick Astley. So I realize most Gen-Y kids probably don't know who Rick Astley is, was. Is. Whatever. Ever been "Rick Rolled" on YouTube? Yeah. That guy in the '80s video that shows up instead of the video you thought you would see. That's Rick Astley. I bring him up because a reference was made to Rick today on Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy blog. Phil was comparing Rick Astley's music career to Saturn's moon, Mimas: "Saturn’s icy satellite Mimas is the Rick Astley of moons. It got one huge hit and that’s all it’s been known for ever since. OK. So it's not related to our Moon, but it's about a moon.

What would you do with an endless supply of Peeps?

  1. Eat them 3 (100.00 %)
  2. Make Peeps dioramas for the MyMoon Peeps contest 0 (0%)


Julio S.

Friday Dec-09-2011

Very cool!

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