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If you're one of the three people who haven't seen Duncan's movie Moon do yourself a favor and Netflix it. Tonight! Source Code, his new film is amazing sci-fi thriller features Jake Gyllenhaal's dreamy brows. See that too, because it was amazeballs!

So where does MyMoon fit into all this? To say Moon is popular around MyMoon Towers is an understatement. Production of Source Code put the kibashe on our efforts to talk to Duncan last year, but recently I was fortunate enough to drag him aside during SXSW 2011 in Austin Texas and discuss all things sci-fi and lunar science as they relate to his stellar films. Both of his recent films are incredibly strong examples of the genre and moviemaking. (Interview video below)

Budding lunar nerds will appreciate Duncan's dedication to crafting a plausible movie based on lots of hard science, and young film makers should take note about what you can do with a very limited budget and a legitimate passion for a subject. Duncan's enthusiasm for space, the Moon, sci-fi, film making, and the Internet is an inspiration to anyone out there trying to realize their vision...or just have a metric ton of twitter followers!

We'd like to thank Duncan again for putting up with all our nattering for far longer than we deserved. And Duncan, we're sticking to our word and will get you answers to your questions, as well as your NASA goodie bag this week!

Duncan Jones on Twitter
Go see Source Code

Thanks again to Duncan and everyone who hooked us up at Summit Entertainment!

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Andy S.

Monday Apr-04-2011

It was "amazeballs?"

Alec E.

Monday Apr-04-2011

Yes sir. You know, amazeballs!

Perhaps, ace? Rad? Possibly, bangin? Quick, it's the cops, hide this movie cause it's dope? Sick? A blinder? Don't take it on a plane, cause it's bomb? #1 stunna? The bee's knees? The dog's bollocks?

Are any of these ringing a bell?

It was really good. ;-)

Michelle M.

Monday Apr-04-2011

awesome interview! My money is on PKD too.

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