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The Institute's Dr. Paul Spudis discusses lunar shield volcanoes in his latest blog entry from "The Once and Future Moon."

Come home with your shield, or on it. – Spartan women to their husbands, marching off to war.
From the giant Olympus Mons shield on Mars (600 kilometers across and 27 km high) to the large volcanoes of Venus, shield-building was thought to be a common expression of volcanism on all rocky Solar System bodies; the Moon appeared to be a conspicuous exception. In geology, a shield volcano is a volcanic construct with a broad, low profile made up primarily of thin lava flows with little ash deposits. Earth’s shield volcanoes range in size from a few to more than 200 km for the Big Island of Hawaii, the extent of its base on the sea floor beneath the surface of the Pacific Ocean. Read more.


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Sunday Aug-14-2011

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