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So... the Apollo missions returned several pounds of lunar rocks, core samples, pebbles, sand and dust from the lunar surface for transport back to Earth.

Here at MyMoon we want to know if you would like to see an exhibit on the Lunar Sample Laboratory Facility that was built in 1979 that provides a permanent storage for the lunar sample collection.

The secure facility has a number of measures taken to keep the air clean in the lunar laboratory to not contaminate any of the return samples. Anyone entering the lab must wear special cleaned clothing known as the “bunny” suit. I wouldn’t say it is on my fashion list for Spring 2011 but it sure does keep the samples from getting contaminated!

Scientists must also work in air tight sealed containers of flowing nitrogen gas which has been carefully purified to remove water and oxygen in order to not contaminate the samples. It is not an easy task, but scientists have been able to process and study the returned samples to allow us to know more about our Moon.

Sound interesting to you? Vote on our polls to see a future exhibit with more information and pictures. If this topic is not so interesting...it won't hurt our feelings! Just take a look at the other blogs and vote on which topic you want us to turn into an exhibit.


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