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Hey MyMoon-ers!

The MyMoon team has recently been brainstorming ideas for new exhibits to add to the website and we want your thoughts! One of the ideas we had was on the topic of WHY we should go back to the moon. First of all, would this be of interest to you guys? And second, what kinds of things would you like to see and hear about on this topic?... Thoughts? Ideas? Let us know!

We also have 2 other exhibit ideas that may be of more interest to you so be looking for Patricia Huynh's and Natalie Spencer's blogs for information on those!

When you've decided which exhibit you'd like to see the most, be sure and take the poll on the home page in order to cast your vote! We want to give MyMoon-ers what they want to see so your opinion is important!

Thanks everyone & have a happy Spring Break! :)


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