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Here at MyMoon HQ, we’re always looking for new ideas. This of course includes new exhibits! One idea for a future exhibit is “We Did Go”. No, not “Did We Go?” (although the exhibit could very well discuss some good ‘ol conspiracy theories). As we say in our lovely site disclaimer, we’re not here to argue or change your mind (however, we won’t object if we do). We operate off of the truth that NASA astronauts did land on the moon all those decades ago. And we’d like to know if you’d be interested in an exhibit highlighting some of the facts of those trips.

For those of you who were able to attend the excellent Phil Plait webcast, you know the man makes great points in an interesting way. And obviously, the dude knows a ton about our beloved moon. So, it makes sense that we’d include some clips from his webcast within the exhibit.

And then, my favorite part of the idea: in true MythBuster’s fashion, we’ll go over myths debunked by Phil and end the clips with an arguably even better clip… Mr. Buzz Aldrin punching that infamous naysayer for doubting. How’s that for busted? So, like the idea? Hate it? Want to add another dynamic to the exhibit? COMMENT or we’ll use our vast (and made up) connections to get Buzz to pay you a visit.


Mike U.

Wednesday Mar-23-2011

We did GO to the Moon! Get the word out,tell them again an again! Get it on there mind all the time!

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