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So most of you probably already know that the third installment of the Transformers movies will be out this year. The title for the third movie is "Dark of the Moon." From
The Autobots learn of a Cybertronian spacecraft hidden on the Moon, and race against the Decepticons to reach it and learn its secrets, which could turn the tide in the Transformers' final battle.

I saw the trailer below this past weekend. I guess I like the fact that the space program has been worked into the trailer with the whole Apollo 11 thing, but I do not like how they use it. Let me be more specific; what I don't like are the little, subtle statements that are made that make the situation unplausible. In the trailer, they show parts of Walter Cronkite's coverage of the Apollo 11 landing. This is true; Cronkite did cover the landing. Cronkite makes a statement about how Apollo 11 goes into communications blackout because they are on the farside of the Moon. This also happened. The problem is this statement is made at a point in the trailer after the astronauts had already landed. Apollo astronauts were only on the farside of the Moon when they were orbiting the Moon from above. All Apollo missions landed and explored on the nearside.

OK, OK, I know. It's a movie. If I'm going to complain about that one little line, I should also complain about the fact that the astronauts walk into an alien spacecraft on the Moon's surface. They could have left out the whole farside/communications blackout bit. They could have a problem with the antenna and I would have been fine with that. Anyway. That's been on my mind. Thought I'd share.


Alec E.

Wednesday Jan-19-2011

I hate to admit that I'm both an old-school Transformers fan AND a fan of the movies because the two things are generally mutually exclusive. I love what the movies are and what they've done with my favorite childhood cartoon. That said, I dunno what Michael Bay was thinking when he designed "The Twins" in the last movie. But I digress...

Anyhow, I don't make it a habit of counting chickens, but I'd like to say that we at the MyMoon Towers have our own little plot to do something really cool relating to this movie. I'm thrilled to see this movie coming out and I'm hoping that, sometime around the release, we can have our own "big reveal" with some very special MyMoon Transformers related content.

Finger's crossed! I'm rootin' for Chuck to prevail and get the scoop. Nuff said.

chris t.

Thursday Sep-15-2011

You might not complain about the little missteps that transformers 3 took; but I will. Can you believe that they made such a huge blunder when they said human beings monitored the Transformers' landing from Earth, long before we had ever even been to the Moon to set up monitoring equipment.

And to think I spent all that time with my girlfriend setting up Cybertron Transformers lol. It was still worth it though; maybe next time - you do realize there WILL be a transformers 4, right - they can get director Christopher nolan or the guy who did Thor to show Bay how a superhero movie is done right.

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