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Around the office I’m generally regarded as a bit of a sneaker junkie. The combination of color, shape, and packaging can create a gloriously creative aesthetic that I find preferable to any pair of loafers, boots or dress shoes regardless of what I might be wearing, formal or casual. So as you might imagine it piqued my interest when I happened across some curious discoveries over at Apparently Nike has taken and really run with (bad pun, sorry!) the use of “lunar” in their various shoe lines.

There’s the Lunarlon and Lunarlite sole systems, the Lunar Orbit+, Lunar P-Rod, Lunar Haze, LunarMax, Lunar ACG, and a myriad other varieties straight from the House of Nike. Below you'll find a picture of the LunarMax in a colorway that I find acceptably obnoxious and unique. I judge colorways against my "bad acid trip" style Vision Street Wear "Ghost" slip-ons that established my sneaker obsession around the MyMoon Towers years ago. But I digress. Check em...

inline image

However, none of the aforementioned kicks go full lunar[d] like the WoodWood Nike LunarWood TZ collaboration. Denmark’s Wood Wood design house collaborates with some of the biggest names in fashion and design and has approached the LunarWood TZ with the kind of dedication to the lunar inspiration that I really respect.

inline image

The shoe itself is, at least by my standards, quite understated and follows the theme of nocturnal urban adventures. In the midsole we see a dash of graffiti spray paint overspray, while the upper incorporates both blue (as in “blue moon”?) and a mellow orange color that reminds me of a hunter moon (image above).

inline image

But for me what really sets the pair apart are the details. Starting with the box, we’re greeted by the full lunar phases and the ACG Nike logo. Opening the box reveals some snazzy lunar imagery on the obligatory box tissue (image above). On the shoes themselves, you’ll find a tiny lunar crescent and the lunar phases repeated, on the inner soles (images below).

inline image

inline image

Ultimately my discovery is bittersweet. The sneaker game moves fast and with very limited quantities comes demand, and empty shelves. If they werent long since sold out I would add them to my very modest 12 pairs of sneakers in current rotation.

I give the whole thing a rating of “near-earth pimp”.


Andy S.

Wednesday Jan-12-2011

Awesome shoes!! "Near-earth pimp"...brilliant.

Stephanie S.

Friday Jan-14-2011

These are fantastic! How do I get a pair?

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