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Dr. Paul Spudis explores the possible nature of the ice at the lunar poles. However, to really know what the ice is like, we need to land near it and see for ourselves.

Although the discovery of ice on the Moon comes from a wide variety of different measurements, they are all “remote sensing.” We have not yet landed near these deposits and examined them up close. Thus, we do not know the physical nature of lunar polar ice. Having spent the last couple of weeks at several meetings in which this became an issue, I’ve been thinking about the nature of lunar ice. What is lunar polar ice? Is it a smooth pond of solid ice? Perhaps it is broken-up blocks and slabs of tough, compacted ice chunks. Maybe it’s a porous, void-filled snow-like aggregation of microscopic ice pieces. The question of the nature of lunar ice is not academic. If we plan to go to the Moon to harvest this ice to support human presence and space transportation, we must understand the physical nature of the deposits.Read more.


Sammie F.

Tuesday Nov-09-2010

I've met Dr Spudis in person, a very sound guy. I love his work, apparently he's writing a book at the moment, I'm pretty sure I'll purchase is as soon as it's finished.

Andy S.

Wednesday Nov-10-2010

Interesting. I'll have to ask him about his book. Maybe he'll mention in his book how he, like many LPI scientists, likes to raid candy dishes. Just sayin'. It happens.

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