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All quiet on the twitter front.


The MyMoon blog has been live now for a little more than a year. We thought it was time to give it a makeover. Not necessarily an extreme makeover, but a makeover.

You may note that the blogs and news items have been combined into one...thing. You will also note a Twitter fall to the right of the blog/news page. Tweets appearing here use the hashtag #MyMoonLPI. If you click on the pic of me grinning like an idiot, you will note it takes you to my profile page. Here, you can learn more about my insanity and achieve a better understanding of the phrase, "Now I know why tigers eat their young." (Quick, what movie is that from?)

Besides revamping the look of the blogs/news, we have also tweaked the functionality. Don't be suprised to see bold font and maybe even italics from time to time. You may even see an imbedded pic every now and then.

inline image
Perhaps you will see an imbedded video.

But the best part about the new blogs is this: you can create your own profile (if you haven't already) and post your own blogs! That's right kids, MyMoon is becoming more interactive and allowing you to populate the site with content. Even better, your profile will be viewable by others and you can see their profile. It's kind of like a Face-of-the-Man-in-the-Moon-Book. Or something.


Andy S.

Thursday Oct-21-2010

Clown surgeons and giant anthropomorphic squirrels...gotta love it!

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